Karol G threw a glass of water at the Venezuelan actress, what happened?

Karol G has positioned herself as one of the most important reggaeton singers, but a «little detail» in recent days has made her name trend.

The paisa singer did not become famous overnight, for more than 15 years she was struggling to break through in the urban music industry. After several attempts, her name managed to start sounding in Colombia and different Latin American countries when she made a successful song with Reykon called 301.

For that reason, in 2012 she was invited to the Match 4 program that consisted of having two famous guests who would compete in answering general knowledge questions. On that occasion, Karol G shared a set with the Venezuelan actress Ivette Domínguez, who from the beginning did not have a friendly attitude towards the Colombian.

However, despite the differences that were quite noticeable, the game began and the level of tension began to increase. After several exchanges of words, Karol G couldn’t take it anymore and stopped the recording, assuring, «I come to a guest program and they put a person who is disrespecting me».

For that reason, the Venezuelan confronted her several times until she got on her nerves and the reggaeton singer decided to throw a glass of water in her face saying “For rude”. In the end, the presenter of the program prevented things from happening to adults and told her that it was all a joke where she had obviously fallen.

Although the video is from several years ago, it has gone viral until now and his followers have not hesitated to make different comments about it.

Hahahaha who would say that she is so brave, it does not seem. instagram comment

What a character that of the paisa hahaha I say I took for rude hahaha. instagram comment

My Karol is beautiful, she made me laugh and she looks much better when she’s angry. instagram comment

How about Karol G’s reaction when they wanted to offend her?

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