Kany García presented us ‘Agüita E Coco’

This week Puerto Rican singer Kany García presented us with a new song that has all the flavor and joy of the Puerto Rican island.

‘Aguita E Coco’ what is the name of the song is the second release of Kany who hopes to introduce us his new record work in this 2022.

The song It is about a person who, even without looking for a formal relationship, ended up finding it through kisses. of a special person.

Kany García was the composer of this song in the company of Venezuelans Yasmil Marrufo, Jorge Luis Chacín and Mario Cáceres.

‘Agüita E Coco’ the new thing that Kany García presented us

The producer of ‘Aguita E Coco’ is the Colombian Richi López, the same one that produced ‘DPM’ and that has been a total success in Latin America with more than 9 million streams.

Currently the same singer invited her followers to tell her love story on social networks similar to the story of the song.

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