Kalanchoe care, a simple guide to maintain this plant!

If you want to know the kalanchoe carewe give you a simple guide so that you learn to take care of this plant in the correct way.

The kalanchoe is a plant that is characterized by its fleshy leaves whose main function is to store water and nutrients. However, taking care of this plant may seem a bit complicated, but the truth is that by doing it the right way you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this exotic bush.

Kalanchoe care: How much light does it need

Kalanchoe require sunlight to grow properly, so it is important when looking for a location that you choose a bright area. In addition, it is important that it receives enough light for at least 3 to 4 hours a day, but not directly, since an excess of sunlight can have negative consequences such as burns on the leaves.

What substrate is suitable for kalanchoe

The soil is better if it is loose, so you must keep the soil loose and also fertilize it so that the vitamins reach the plant. Also, whatever substrate you plant it in, it must have good drainage.

How is the watering for kalanchoe

Watering is very important for these plants, but it must be done correctly, that is, it must be done in moderation since it does not tolerate waterlogging. It is important that in this aspect you are careful not to wet the flowers because they will suffer consequences such as burns or the plant will rot.

How should the kalanchoe plant be pruned?

Pruning is another process that serves to stimulate the development of these species, it is important that it is not done too regularly, so if you do it twice a year it is enough.

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