Jurors who have gone through MasterChef and surely you did not remember

They have been the jurors who have gone through MasterChef and surely you did not even remember, here we tell you who it is.

without a doubt MasterChef It has been one of the most successful programs on Colombian television, as viewers are faithful to see what happens to their contestants. However, the juries also attract attention and several important characters from the world of cooking have passed through the reality show that you surely did not remember. That is why we have not set out to see what has happened to each of them:

Jurors who have passed through MasterChef: Paco Roncero

Surely almost no viewer remembers the Spanish chef, but in the world of cooking many say that his career is even more enviable than any of the current judges of the program. Paco Roncero was in the first season of the reality show together with Jorge Rausch and Nicolás de Zubiría. After his participation in MasterChef, Paco won 2 Michelin stars, an achievement that none of the 3 juries that are currently in the reality show have. In addition, he owns the famous Sublimotion food restaurant on the exclusive island of Ibiza, which is considered the most expensive in the world with an average price of 2,000 euros per person.

Jose Ramon Castillo

José Ramón Castillo was in the season of MasterChef where the contestants were children, although many considered their positive participation, the Mexican expert in everything related to the world of chocolate did not continue in the program.

Jorge Rauch

Jorge Rausch was already known in the world of gastronomy for having several restaurants with his brother, and he had also participated in other television formats abroad. However, he achieved fame in Colombia when he began to participate in MasterChef from the first season. In fact, thanks to the success of his work as a judge in the Colombian cooking reality show, he had the opportunity to be in MasterChef in other countries.

Nicholas of Zubiria

Nicolás de Zubiría has been there since the number one season of the cooking reality show, the chef is the owner and partner of six well-known restaurants in Colombia and has also become a speaker around the gastronomic world. Like Jorge Rausch, the man from Cartagena achieved fame in Colombia when he began to participate in MasterChef.

Christopher Carpentier

Christopher Alan Carpentier del Villar, better known as Chris Carpentier, is a chef, television presenter and gastronomic entrepreneur. The Chilean came as a jury to the version of Master Chef Celebrity where all the contestants had to be famous and so it has been on the show for two seasons.

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