Julieta Venegas a very human singer

Today is the birthday of Julieta Venegas, Mexican singer and songwriter with American nationality, daughter of Mexicans and mother of a little girl.

The singer-songwriter who belonged to the band Tijuana No!found in Tacuba Coffee the support to start his solo career.

It has sold in the world close to 11 million records and has participated in humanitarian activities, putting her as a representative of good causes in Mexico.


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She is ambassador of UNICEF Goodwillin 2007, participated in the campaign to help the victims of the earthquake in Peru of the foundation AT (Latin America in Solidarity Action) and the Red Cross.

He also participated in the campaign Heart Gifts of UNICEF along with other personalities like Jaime Camiljoined the campaign Say No to Violence Against Women and promotes it throughout the world UN Fund for the Development of Women (UNIFEM)

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In November 2010 he joined the cultural campaign More Books, Better Futureorganized by the delegation Coyoacan and the Secretary of Public Education of the Federal District in Mexico City.

In 2011 she is named Goodwill Cultural Ambassador by the Council of Ministers of Women of Central America (COMMCA) which was held in San Salvador.

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He recorded albums together with several artists to help the victims of the disaster of Haiti and the japan nuclear crisis.

UNICEF Mexico Together with its ambassador, Julieta Venegas, she launched short films giving a message about the importance of the rights of young people to protection and to a life free of violence, to health and to a healthy life.