Julián Román was run over and insulted by a taxi driver

Through social networks, the actor Julián Román denounced that he was run over and insulted by a taxi driver, while moving through the streets of Bogotá on an electric skateboard.

According to Román, the taxi driver yelled at him: «Take a taxi, it’s safer, big hijuep*.» Many of his followers showed total rejection of the driver’s response.

Julián Román was run over and insulted by a taxi driver

The protagonist of the acclaimed series until i met you, in which he played El Divo de Juárez, Juan Gabriel; he was the victim of an unfortunate incident with a taxi driver.

As he himself reported through his official Twitter account, he was traveling on an electric skateboard until he had to stop at a stop, where in addition to him, there were more users of this new medium.

He says that unexpectedly, a taxi driver «threw the car on top of them»; Not happy with this, the driver began to insult him for not using the taxi service and traveling in an «unsafe» environment.

This morning I was transporting myself on an electric skateboard along a cycle route, at the crossroads of a traffic light when we had the road, a taxi driver threw his vehicle at us, I fell off the skateboard and the taxi driver yelled «Grab a taxi, it’s safer, big son of a bitch ”.

– Julian Roman (@JulianRoman) February 3, 2020

Before what was narrated by the actor, hundreds of users filled the platform with comments in which they showed total rejection of the way in which the driver acted.


The exact same thing happened to me 10 days ago. Balance of the aggression of the thug taxi driver, broken collarbone, 15 days of disability and incredible frustration. The feeling of lack of protection of citizens against these misfits (among many) grows day by day.

– just a man (@ricalarcon) February 4, 2020

Typical of many of that guild. They are not all but there are some nefarious characters

— Olga Lu (@Olgaludusa) February 4, 2020

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