Judge sent Fabio Salamanca to jail

The drunk driver who caused the death of two women Y serious injuries to a taxi driveryou must continue your process behind bars.

The 20th hearing judge revoked the first instance decision and ordered the young man to be sent to jail Fabio Andrés Salamanca Danderino, who the past July 12 starred a tragic car accident while driving under the influence of alcohol.

In resolving the appeal filed by the Prosecutor’s Office, Attorney General’s Office and the victims, the judicial officer considered that the young man from 23 years He represents a danger to society because he knew the consequences that his behavior could generate.

The hearing judge considered that the defendant knew the risks of driving his vehicle under the influence of alcohol and despite this, he not only did so but also greatly exceeded the permitted speed limits and ignored traffic signals.

Due to the fact that the young man prosecuted for the crime of intentional homicide with personal injury was not present at the judicial hearing held on Tuesday, the judge issued the arrest warrant for him to be transferred to the prison that Inpec orders.

For the judge, the young man did not care about the recommendations made in the media and the fact that he was of legal age and because of his training he knew of the consequences that could be generated by his decision to get into his vehicle after consuming some tequilas at an event of the Company where you work.

“It is observed that Fabio Andres Salamanca Little did he care about the legal respect for his fellow human beings and he was unaware of his role in society, ”said the hearing judge, rejecting the argument presented by the defense that indicated that the Ministry of Mobility annulled his driving license for a term of 10 years .

«He did not mind getting into his vehicle under the state of alcohol, not happy with this, he decided to increase the speed, in a sign of contempt for the lives of other people, that for me is extremely serious behavior», the judge stated.

The judge validated the evidence indicating that the defendant caused the accident when he was driving at 140 kilometers per hour in a place where all the signs indicate that the maximum speed is 40 kilometers per hour since it is a residential area.

“Yes, what was requested by the prosecutor of the case is fulfilled, since Salamanca Dancer he acted without respect for protected legal assets such as life”, the judge specified, taking into account the arguments of the Attorney General’s Office that indicated that due to the violence of the coup, the taxi was shot at 90 meters.

In the action, one of the young engineers died immediately, while her partner, due to the seriousness of her injuries, died a few hours later in a medical center where first aid was being provided.

He also indicated that the taxi driver is in a serious situation since he has little mobility in his lower limbs and must be in therapy and undergoing medication for the injuries he sustained.

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Source: The Spectator

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