Juanse Quintero wants to freeze Johanna Fadul’s eggs

The 32-year-old actor Juanse Quintero wants to freeze his wife’s eggs as a last resort to be able to be parents.

While couples like Mike Bahía and Greeicy Rendón they confess that having children is not their priorityJuanse and Johanna work to fulfill their dream.

And it is that after a long time of having lost her twins, the couple decided it’s time to be parents again.

In a video published by the program «I know everything» Juanse Quintero said that the couple has been working to achieve itbut with no results.

Why does Juanse Quintero want to freeze his wife’s eggs?

Johana on several occasions has commented that his body and his organism has never been the same again since she lost her babies.

And although he has been undergoing treatment with specialists It has not been easy for me to get pregnant again.

Juanse Quintero and Johanna have been characterized for being a very funny couple on social media and where jokes are constantly made.

If your partner asked you to freeze your eggs so they could become parents, would you be able to do it or would you definitely try it the natural way?

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