Jota Mario’s daughter did this for her dad

Jota Mario Valencia’s daughter, María José, decided to do this to remember her father forever.

In Colombia we are all dismayed by the sudden death of presenter Jota Mario Valencia. However, no one was affected as much as his family.

Daughter of Jota Mario dedicated heartfelt words to him

She, like any person who has just lost a loved one, is going through a difficult timea carousel of emotions that one does not wish on anyone.

Even if it is an infinitely deep pain, I know you are giving your joy and your love to heaven. You were always that – love, only love. With all the certainty in the world, I am the luckiest daughter in the world. Many met you behind a screen and that’s how you fell in love with them. I was born in love with you. Because what many don’t know about you is that you were a miracle from the day you came to earth. You managed to touch the lives of so many people through a screen, you blessed those of us who were fortunate enough to share so many things with you with your presence, you lived with purpose and lived in the full sense of what it means to live. There is no truer word, wiser advice or warmer hug than yours. Your smile lives in me forever.
The moment has come that I have feared the most in my life. In part, I feel that you took care of giving me the tools and the strength to deal with this situation – something that I never imagined I could survive. At times, I feel short of breath because I do not understand a new reality where you are not at every step… but I am filled with love, gratitude, patience, faith and in those moments I know that you are with me. So my superhero, I share my greatest fortune with the angels and with heaven. I love you, I admire you, I love you. Love you. I always love you. Thank you for loving me so deeply, for being the best dad a girl can have, for giving me a great life with all the necessary teachings. Because of you I have always known that the basis of everything is love. My light shines for you. Because you are great and infinitely bright.

I think this transforms. I will never be the same. For this I will be better, and perhaps this is the best tribute I can give you.

You are the reason for every beat my heart gives.

They are here.

Maria José wrote next to a photo of her father, her and her brother when they were little.

Recently, the young woman decided honor your father in another waythis time on your skin and forever.

He decided to tattoo the word “Pá” on the inside of his forearm…

María José Valencia is 27 years old and studied psychology; she currently lives in the United States, where she works at a communications agency.

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