Jorge Lozano H explains what a cockroach is and how to leave it

Do you know what a cockroach is? Jorge Lozano H. Mexican guru on relationships, explains in an interview with our radio station Vibra 104.9 FM how to get this character out of your life. And with his characteristic black humor!

Who is Jorge Lozano H?

He is a Mexican motivational speaker and television presenter internationally recognized for his advice for women on men and relationships. These tips are characterized by being loaded with black humor and some cynicism, because with them he tries to wake up the girls so that they know what men really are like, especially “cockroaches”. He has 1.6m followers on his official Instagram account @jorgelozanoh.

What is a cockroach man? What does cucaracho mean in Mexico?

In Mexico, it derogatorily calls a person in this way when it comes to someone advantageous, creeping and who uses tricks to get a good slice of any situation. Specifically, the man who in a relationship disappears and only shows interest when he can arrange an intimate encounter is called a cucaracho; according to Jorge, he is the typical one who leaves you on seen all week and he calls you on Saturday at 2 am

Jorge Lozano H: Phrases

Of all the advice that this character gave us during the interview on our Vibra 104.9 FM station, we took out some phrases for you that struck us because of their clarity and because they made us laugh a lot.

«What did the cockroach say?: I leave it on seen all week, but on the weekend I undress it.»

“There are cockroaches that have a greedy hormone and are morally distracted.”

«As long as you don’t have a commitment, you can keep jerking off anyone.»

«Cautious woman, goes out with two.»

«If you don’t find a good prospect in local product, maybe you were designed for foreign product.»

“The woman idealizes the man… The man idealizes the caress.”

And many, many, many more that you find in the audio of the interview at the beginning of this note.

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