Jonathan Fierro and Laura Ojeda ended up fighting

Jonathan Fierro and Laura Ojeda were participants in the last season of Protagonistas de novela, but they broke up and it wasn’t on the best of terms.

The participants of this contest have given much to talk about. One of the most controversial has been Yina Calderonthat he left of the study house for having thrown a knife at one of his companions. However, there are many people who admire her for her girdle business.

The studio house has also crushed some participants. Cristina Hurtado and Josse Narváez have a stable relationship and work together, however not all have had the same luck. Jonathan Fierro and Laura Ojeda began their relationship during Protagonista de novela 2018, but they have already finished.

Although it seemed that they were happy together, a few days ago Laura said that had been beaten by Jonathan and his sister. According to her, that day she was at the house of a friend of hers when received threats from his exbut from fake Instagram accounts. The actress decided to go to the gym where he was to stop the situation, but land slapped him and said rude things. She finally went to Jonathan’s mother’s house to ask for help and that’s where received blows from him and his sister. Now The former protagonist and his sister have a personal injury claim.

But almost all stories have 2 versions and this one is no exception. Jonathan gave an interview to I know everything and said that the day before they had ended their relationship on WhatsApp. She hit him several times in the gym and he only defended himself, he also said that she I was taken. She also threw garbage on his car and told him that she had her dog. Laura arrived at her house and when she tried to throw a pot at her, her mother and her sister intervened, in the middle of the struggle everyone went to the floor and she was left with those blows.

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