Johanna Fadul and Juan Sebastián Quintero work to be parents

One of the funniest couples in entertainment is Johanna Fadul and Juan Sebastián Quintero and they recently confirmed that they want to be parents.

The couple of actors who have been together since 2015, told the program “I know everything” from Channel 1 who want to be parents, let’s remember that a few years ago they lost some twins.

«My #Tbt today I dedicate to my angels Antonella & Anabella»

Johanna Fadul in a recent post remembering her daughters

Johanna is one of the most beautiful women in our country and constantly publishes photos with which she blows the imagination of her followers.

According to the couple, many friends in their close circle, are they being parents or are they already parentswhich has awakened in them the desire to «do homework».

In front of the cameras Juanse funny commented that every day he takes the risk to do the tiger jump.

Although Johanna is aware that no one knows when the children will arrive, she is also clear that this ready to have one, two or more babies if they arrive on time.

I’m not planning, bone that at any time I could give them a surprise.

Johanna Fadul’s confession in the video for «I know everything».

What Johanna Fadul and Juan Sebastián Quintero say is true, many times couples feel a psychological pressure to see that your relatives or friends are parentsexcept them.

Johanna Fadul and Juan Sebastián Quintero want to be parents now

Watch the video and tell us if you and your partner they have felt this way in front of their circle of family and friends.

With information from Channel 1