Jimena’s empeliculada in Pasión de Gavilanes went viral

How funny! Jimena’s empeliculada in Pasión de Gavilanes went viral.

This Wednesday night, Canal Caracol broadcast another episode of the well-known telenovela starring Juan, Óscar and Franco, which unleashed a shower of laughter and memes on platforms like Twitter. Why?

Jimena’s empeliculada in Pasión de Gavilanes went viral

In the, Jimena supposedly discovered that Juan and Óscar planned to kill her and Norma with a poison. But it was all a misunderstanding, because what the Reyes brothers were really talking about was a plague of rats that was in his bakery, with which they had to finish.

Jimena’s reactions, the blow he gave Oscar on the head and the crazy story he told his sister were reason for Hundreds of Internet users will flood the networks with comments and memes of the dramatic chapter.

Here the funniest:



If these trills about Jimena’s drama stole a few laughs from you, the memes that the other episodes of the telenovela have left will make you laugh non-stop!

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