Jéssica Cediel’s ex’s new girlfriend is just like her, except for one detail

In the networks they are saying that, except for the teeth, the Jessica Cediel’s ex’s new girlfriend is the same as her. What exactly is the difference?

The presenter Jéssica Cediel is very famous for her torrid romances that seem to be taken from a Venezuelan soap opera of the 90s; In addition, it is said that at 39 years old she is one of the most desired single women in all of Colombia. Just take a look at her Instagram to understand why.

Despite having had several courtships, she is still single. And it is that she, like Evaluna Montener, belongs to a Christian religion that respects celibacy in principle. This has brought her bad moments, for example, the time that Pipe Bueno (one of her ex’s) revealed on a national television program that they would not have been intimate when they were together.

This is the new girlfriend of Jéssica Cediel’s ex, she is just like her

do you remember? Mark Roesch? The American is Jéssica’s ex-boyfriend, with whom he ended up on very bad terms and legal claims on both sides. Well, this gentleman already has a new love, an unknown girl physically very similar to Jéssica Cedielaccording to those who have seen his photo on social networks.

The surprising thing is not their enormous resemblance, no, no, no, but what differentiates them: the teeth; more specifically a tooth, which has a black color, and for this reason it was highlighted by Internet users, who also found the similarity between them. We share the image below.

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