Jessica Cediel pretended to be pregnant and played a prank on her family

With a prominent belly, Jessica Cediel pretended to be pregnant and played a prank on her family. Some of them didn’t like it very much!

The beautiful model and presenter from Bogota, who in days gone by caused a stir in networks after announcing that she is saying goodbye to her job as a host on Happy Saturdays to go to work on a new project in nothing more and nothing less than Tokyo, recently captured the attention of his fans again, but this time due to a curious prank he played on his relatives. Several of his followers believed the story!

Through his official Instagram account, where he has more than 8.3 million followers, shared a funny story in which he showed his belly... ANDl which looked surprisingly bulging, as if it were a pregnancy!

Jessica Cediel pretended to be pregnant and played a prank on her family

There between laughs he began to ask his relatives how many months they thought he was and even asked each of them to come over and kiss the one who would be «the new member»while in the background the presenter’s mother is heard somewhat annoyed with her joke.

After her little nephews and her sister met her demands, and after asking her mother to «kiss her grandson», Finally, the model and those present burst out laughing, later explaining that her «pregnancy» was due to a strong heaviness and indigestion that she suffered due to excess food.

Even the day after its publication, he shared another story in which He showed those who cared that everything was back to normal and that his abdomen looked as toned as usual.

The video was replicated by an account dedicated to sharing celebrity content where Several Internet users complained about his joke, as they stated that he only does it to «get attention».

“What level of show !!!! How far have we come 😂😂😂”, Poor woman, there is nothing to do to attract attention”, “Old, most ridiculous nuisance of a woman!”, “That is already a pre-menopausal belly 😂 poor woman…”, “The ridiculousness in pasta!».

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