Jéssica Cediel enlarged her bra size and left her followers intrigued

The model Jéssica Cediel enlarged her bra size, as revealed on her social networks, however, the explanations she gave left her followers very confused.

Jéssica Cediel is one of the most desired women in the country and from a large part of Latin America, since she has a sculptural body that is not afraid to show off through social networks; Although his buttocks have always been the protagonist due to the problems he had with biopolymers, this time he drew attention to his bust, confessing that it has enlarged.

Jéssica Cediel enlarged her bra size and did not say how

Although the presenter had her breasts operated on, she told through a series of videos that she shared in the stories of her official Instagram account jessicacedielnet, that they have enlarged, but she intrigued her followers by saying that it was the effect of a «very nice experience ”.

“I am super busty (…), I have boobs like an udder, literally, it is the effect of something that I am going to share with you this week, of something beautiful, I think that of the most beautiful, of the most beautiful things that one gives oneself as a gift. woman.»

He said, raising suspicions of pregnancy among his fans.

However, in the clip he also clarifies that he is not they are permanent and what are they for herbecause there is no one who can enjoy them.

Why do you think Jéssica Cediel has the biggest bust? Pregnancy? An aesthetic treatment? Some product? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!

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