Jessica Cediel and Mateo Carvajal advanced in their relationship

It seems the relationship of Jessica Cediel Y Matthew Carvajal It is going from strength to strength, since they have already begun to share the same clothing.

After their first date, which was apparently a success, Jéssica Cediel and Mateo Carvajal revealed a detail. It turns out that what began as a matter of friends and jokes seems to be becoming something more serious, or at least that is what his followers believe.

Jessica Cediel and Mateo Carvajal now also share their clothes

The rumor that the presenter and the athlete have a more serious relationship gained strength because both appeared on social networks wearing a shirt with the same design. For that reason, many of her followers mentioned that it was a courtship or at least an affair that they were living in a very passionate and intense way.

In addition, the suspicion of his followers increased when, in the midst of so many doubts and questions from fans about this curious situation, Mateo posted an «emoji» of a teddy bear on Jessica’s photo. So several people quickly assured that the relationship was going from strength to strength and very soon they were going to reveal to their fans that what had started as a game had ended in a courtship.

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