Jessica Cediel and Luisa Fernanda W will work on a new project

Former partner and current partner Pipe Well, Jessica Cediel and Luisa Fernanda W will work together on a new project. It seems that their relationship is much closer than it seems!

Since the popular music singer and youtuber paisa began their relationship in early 2020, months after the death of Legarda (ex-boyfriend of the content creator) All kinds of speculation and rumors began to emerge on social networks about it.

One of the most notorious was that the paisa and the presenter Jessica Cediel did not get along, due to the long relationship that the woman from Bogota had had with the interpreter of ‘Cupido failed’, years ago.

On several occasions, the host of «Bingos Felices» was questioned on this subject, before which she assured that she respects and admires both her ex and her new partner very much, since she expressed that she is a great woman.

This is how it became known that Jessica Cediel and Luisa Fernanda W will work on a new project

Although at the time his words generated several comments, nothing had ever caused such an uproar on networks… Until a few days ago! Well Through stories, the presenter Vaneza Peláez surprisingly showed a pleasant meeting she had had with the youtuber and the presenter.

Even the content creator assured in a short video on her networks that great projects were coming in which he would participate together with Vaneza and Cedielsomething that left more than one with their mouths open.

But this was not all, because later they were shown sharing a night between friends singing to the rhythm of Marbelle and Paola Jara. How are you!

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