Jessica Cediel and Luisa F. W talked about their relationship and meeting

Through social networks, Jessica Cediel and Luisa Fernanda W talked about their relationship and meeting in past days. What do you think of each other?

Last Friday in the city of Medellin, a surprising meeting took place between two personalities from the Creole show business that left more than one with their mouths open. Well It was about the content creator Luisa Fernanda W and the presenter Jessica Cediel (current partner and ex-partner of the singer Pipe Bueno, respectively).

In the recordings they were seen very happy to share a girls’ night in the company of the also presenter Vaneza Peláez, where They not only showed how well they get along but also revealed that they would soon be together working on a new projectof which they did not give further details.

Their meeting, of course, generated an avalanche of questions, criticisms and comments.which each recently resolved on their Instagram account.

Jessica Cediel and Luisa F. W talked about their relationship and their meeting in recent days

On the one hand, Cediel opened the question box in stories to talk to his followers about «love», but inevitably The questions focused on her meeting with her ex’s partner and how she managed to have a healthy relationship with both of which he replied:

«It’s super easy when you end a relationship in peace, from then on all things turn out for the best, with affection, with respect, with gratitude and that is what I have for Pipe (Well), besides that was a long time ago, so everything is fine.”

He also admitted that although I had only spoken with the youtuber on the phone on previous occasions, it was until this opportunity that he was able to speak with her in person, for which he was seen to be very happy, and He assured that “she is a woman with a divine vibe.”

And what did Luisa Fernanda W say?

For her part, the content creator expressed through stories that their meeting went much better than expectedWell, he said that they had a very pleasant time and that he liked the presenter very well because He is a person with a “very cool” energy.

«Stop believing that one always has to be the enemy of the ex of the couple, that’s not.»

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