Jessica C.’s friend says that Mack Roesch gets paid for making controversy

Ferdinand Riverafriend of Jessica C. says that Mack Roesch charges for making controversy in the face of the controversial outcome of their relationship.

In an interview for the show I know everything, Cediel’s photographer and friend made strong statements regarding the presenter’s ex-boyfriend.

There he stated that most of the claims he has made during this time are nothing but liesso that faces a legal process for defamation and not for the engagement ringas he has always said.

Jessica C.’s friend says that Mack Roesch gets paid for making controversy

Rivera assured that the alleged meeting that the former couple had in recent days was not to deliver the ring and end the problem; quite the opposite, It was Roesch who, breaking the agreements, went to Cediel’s residence to ask him once more to come back.

But that was not what most surprised viewers, because according to the Colombian photographer, Roesch would not only have gained thousands of followers at the expense of the presenterthen it would also be taking advantage of the opportunity to earn money, charging the different media for talking about his controversial outcome with the television host plus, gain publicity.

He hardly sees that people are losing interest in him, he comes back and attacks. (…) One more proof is that I have many contacts in the media in the United States, Mexico and Colombia, and I know that Mack has been charging for interviews“

Here the statements of the photographer:

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