Jessi Uribe showed her father and they say they are «just the same»

Jessica Uribe He left his followers open-mouthed when he showed his father, as many say they are as similar as two drops of water.

The popular music singer wanted to surprise his followers with a photo on his social networks with his father. The funny thing is that Jessi took longer to publish the image than her comments began to rain down on her, as many claimed they were “just the same”.

Jessi Uribe showed her father and her followers said they were identical

On her official Instagram account, Jessi published a photo where she appeared hugging her father and where she assured “My dad is younger yes or no? And skinnier than me along with emojis of surprised faces. Of course, the comments from his fans were immediate and many came to the conclusion that the saying of «Like father Like Son» applied to father and son because they were “identical”.

In addition, his most faithful followers also did not miss the opportunity to send some compliments to both and that is why they began to affirm that they already knew why the singer was so handsome.

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