Jennifer Lopez’s age, have the years settled on her?

Some say that Jennifer Lopez’s age is already taking its toll, half a century does not come alone! Or if? Look…

The Bronx Diva, as she is popularly known, was born on July 24, 1969 in New York; That means that in 2019 it fulfills nothing more and nothing less than…

50 years!

Half a century, 18,262 days… And wrinkles? Very few.

He also celebrates at this time 30 years of artistic career; remember that he was in the early 90’s when she got her first jobs as a dancer.

Today, he continues to leave everything on stage…

From the beginning it was very clear that hers was much more than beauty; she exudes talent in everything she does: dance well, sing well, act well…

However, it is undeniable that he’s a sex symbolbecause it has a beauty that has transcended several generations.

Is Jennifer Lopez’s age already noticeable?

In addition to possessing an exotic Latin beauty by North American standards, it is surprising that she retains such a youthful appearance despite the decades, even without makeup.

And some people say that his «eternal youth» is just a matter of filters, makeup, etc Will be?

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