Jennifer Lopez cries remembering divorce with Marc Anthony

During the divorce of JLo and Marc Anthony, the singer and actress broke down in tears when talking about the painful event. Read on to find out her reaction and how the TV interview went…

The event occurred in 2014, when the renowned singer and actress participated in an interview, in which she was asked a series of questions about the divorce with Marc Anthony and her relationship with her children at that time.

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Jennifer López had decided to talk about her personal life and her breakup with the Puerto Rican singer, on the television show The Meredith Vieira. After a seven-year relationship, the parents of Max and Emme made the decision to separate in 2011 and finalized all the divorce proceedings in 2014.

At the time that the host of the program, Meredith Vieira, mentioned some questions that her son Max had asked her, and JLo could not hold back her tears.

«Will you always be my mom? When will we see daddy again? Will we always be together?»

«I can’t answer all the questions you’re going to have, but I can tell you that mommy, Emme and Max will always be together.»

The singer shared during the live broadcast.

López talks more about this stage in his memoir, True Lovepublished in 2014. She is currently in a stable relationship with former baseball player Alex Rodríguez since 2017.

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