Jennifer Lopez and J Balvin from ‘My name is’ would be boyfriends

Apparently Jennifer Lopez and J Balvin from My name is they started their relationship after they left the show.

Definitely, the controversial reality show does not stop giving something to talk about, because although the program ended, its participants left more than one with their mouths open. It is about the doubles of Jennifer Lopez and J Balvin who apparently would now have a love relationship.

Jennifer Lopez and J Balvin from My name is it would be boyfriends «of lies»

In the middle of a well-known entertainment program, one of the presenters assured that both imitators would have a relationship and that is why he mentioned «J Lo herself told us that she is giving herself an opportunity in love with J Balvin». In addition, he also stated that since the recordings of the program they had already been getting to know each other “In the program they made faces, but they ended and not only gained in popularity, but in love”.

However, another of the presenters went further by making a comment where he assured “This has the face of public love, which is when you want to tell the things that happen to you. They told someone to record them.». After a video appeared that had been leaked on social networks and in which they appeared kissing.

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