Jasmine care, these tips will help you a lot!

The jasmine care They make this beautiful flower grow in the best way and can adorn any space in your home.

Surely at some point in your life you have wanted to experiment and take advantage of your gardening skills by making all the flowers beautiful and giving them all your love as they grow.

It doesn’t matter if you want to care for sunflowers, roses or jasmine, the formula is very similar. Take note, because we are going to give you some simple tips so that, like the Wilfrido Vargas song, you can say “I have a garden… of jasmines”.

What care does a jasmine need?

As with any flower or plant, one of the most important things is light, so outdoors are very good for it. Jasmine is said to be highly resistant to various weather conditions and soil situations. Although it is advisable to have it in warm weather, it withstands the cold very well, you just have to know that if it is constantly exposed to very low temperatures, you should cover its roots in the ground to prevent it from being damaged. The fertilizer will help it to be strong, you can use one with calcium, magnesium and micronutrients. You must apply it monthly.

How to make a jasmine grow?

Here it is best to plant your cutting in a piece of land that receives a significant amount of light. Open a hole in the ground and put water there, wait for it to absorb and locate your jasmine. Then gently pat down the soil so that it stands upright. Water again and voila!

How to care for a potted jasmine?

The light that should reach your jasmine directly should not exceed 4 hours a day. Provide a space in which air flows and maintains its humidity constantly. If you notice that its leaves turn yellow, it may mean that you are watering them too much, so you should vary the watering times or transplant your jasmine to a pot with better drainage. Do not forget to put natural fertilizer to strengthen its stem.

How many times do you have to water a jasmine?

As in almost all flowers and plants that begin their flowering and growth, it is best to water every two or three days in times of high temperature. In times of greater cold, you could add water only when you see that the soil has begun to dry out.

cape jasmine care

This plant variant is necessary if you want to have a garden or an internal space with a very refreshing smell. It is greatly affected by low temperatures and requires watering every 4 or 5 days when it is hot. Being very delicate, it will require you to remove the wilted leaves once you can, otherwise it can quickly corrode.

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