James Rodríguez is confused with the «Seller of Roses»

The footballer’s wife Daniela Ospinashared a photo on Instagram in which James is seen with dyed blonde hair.

Minutes later, the footballer’s fans began to share these funny memes.

Oh, my God!

Watching @jamesdrodriguez after dyeing your hair: pic.twitter.com/YymMJJO4LR

– He (@_AlejoPsycho_) June 29, 2016

How he really looks / How he wants Zidane to see him pic.twitter.com/m6MfLw7akb

– Carlos El Toño Veles (@Velesfutbol) June 29, 2016

James doesn’t look too bad with his new look… pic.twitter.com/VAM0OEKXDL

— trino (@thrino) June 29, 2016

Some humorously compared him to cartoon heroes…

There were others who went further to offend the player, was it necessary?

Do you think it was very bad with that look? Comment here.

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