James Rodríguez and Salomé do girl things

James Rodriguez and Salome They spent the girl’s birthday together and did an activity that is not usual for a father.

Father and daughter have a very close relationship, despite the fact that the girl lives with her mother, Daniela Ospina. This is evidenced in the quality time they spend together and with Salomé’s little brother, Samuel.

This is how James Rodríguez and Salomé paint their nails

Well, Salomé turned 7 years old and spent that special moment with her dad. To extend the celebration to his followers, on the 10th he shared a couple of photos with some tender words.

“Today my princess is turning 7 years old. I wish you a happy birthday, many more to come and may your dreams come true. I love you so much, daughter. God bless you!»


In one of the photos, the little girl appears sitting in an armchair and barefoot in front of her father, who is sitting at his daughter’s feet and painting her toenails. What a cutie!

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