James Rodríguez and Daniela Ospina targeted by criticism for Salomé

Do you think that Salomé Rodríguez is too young to have a change of look? For this reason, James Rodríguez and Daniela Ospina are the target of criticism.

The daughter of the soccer player and the businesswoman is the sensation in social networks, because for a while share choreographies of the music you like.

Salomé seems like a professional on social networks when she shares her choreographies, Shannon de Lima has even appeared dancing and with the beautiful Greeicy Rendón.

James Rodríguez recently shared an image of Salomé in which appears with straight hairleaving behind its renowned curls.

James Rodríguez and Daniela Ospina target of criticism

Many have criticized the girl’s new look and obviously James Rodríguez and Daniela Ospina have been crucified.

What a pity how they take away her childhood, they want to be a miss before her time, she is still a girl.

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With silver everything is beautiful 🙄

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Not that sad, what they are doing is burning the girl’s stage, everything has its tempo and a child is a child 🙁🙁

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Although all the comments were not critical, Some took the opportunity to highlight that she is still a beautiful girl.

I like her giggles, but she still looks beautiful😍

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She is still a girl, no one has taken away her childhood, least of all her mother, they are the ones who look at her with different eyes because she no longer has curls who take it away from her, she did not know that a child’s childhood depends on whether he fixes his hair or not.

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So far neither James nor Daniela Ospina, who in recent days spoke about what did not work in his relationship with the footballer, have spoken about it.

How do you think Salomé looks better, with curly or straight hair? Leave your opinion in the comments.