Jaime Garzón, the man of phrases

Let us remember today Jaime Garzón, that journalist who without mincing words «sang the tabla» to more than one, in his television and radio programs, these are the phrases that this man immortalized.

1. For one to criticize away from the interests of power, one must have contempt for power.

two. I have not seen citizens of the world more comfortable than Colombians. We are very comfortable, the law of least effort and a pessimism… At 8 is the appointment but why do I arrive at 8 if nobody is going to arrive?

3. Knowing that the country is in a deep crisis is redundant. I propose that we all go back and look for the reasons why the country is the way it is.

Four. What they teach us Colombians has nothing to do with the needs that Colombians have.

5. We appoint public officials – public officials are for the public to function – and we end up making bows to them, that is, everyone serving them. It is absurd.

6. We do not know if we are Spanish, if we are mestizos and yet we continue to pay tribute and respect to that upper class owner of power. Notice how lost we are from our reality, how absurd our logic is.

7. Being Colombian for us means having a cunning, almost always misused. c.

8. There is something that exists in Colombians: we do not lose hope of doing better and better.

9. If we do a psychoanalysis of a guerrilla director, he is a guy with no father, a reckless teenager (laughs). Huy no, they’ll kill me tomorrow morning, they’ll send me a car bomb in front of the house.

10. The last opportunity that the guerrillas had in this century, to rejoin a truly renovating process, was the Constituent Assembly. But they didn’t, they were offered the whole possibility.

eleven. In Colombia I believe that the people recover the capacity for power if they organize themselves, in civil terms, because the armed conflict no longer has a reason to exist.

12. Drug traffickers are a ‘lumpenburger’, because they have been embedded in the social system we have.

13. It is not new that politicians have used the State for their own benefit, it is new to us that a work here costs fifteen and twenty times more than it is worth.

14. In Colombia there is a lot of talent, but education has led us to waste talent. It twists.

fifteen. Samper is teaching the Colombia Chair in Spain. It seems to me that it is a good revenge because there were like five centuries of deception on the part of the Spaniards to us. Now we are deceiving them.

16. Is it possible that the solution to the national crisis comes from there, from those who have caused it?

17. How come there are no leaders, if we are more than 30 million against that small band. It is a very small fringe that has taken over the media, that has taken over everything.

18. This country understands that development is cement. Why do we want eight tracks if we attack each other?

19. If you don’t react and make use of the vote, you come back and impose another type on us.

twenty. The university had a great advantage: it was the universality of knowledge… until the professors arrived.

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