Jaider Villa did not succeed in acting, but now he is a «millionaire»

It is no secret to anyone that although Jaider Villa was the winner of the first season of reality «Novel Protagonists»was unsuccessful in the world of acting.

When Jaider Villa participated in «Novel Protagonists» many believed that he was going to play a more important role in front of the cameras. Just as it happened with other of her companions such as Ana Karina Soto, Pedro Palacio, Tiberio Cruz and Ximena Córdoba herself, who was also the winner of the reality show.

What is Jaider Villa doing that they say is now a millionaire in the United States?

However, Jaider’s luck was very different and although at first he got some roles, none were featured in major productions. For that reason, his career as an actor did not turn out or reach the momentum that he so desired.

What many did not know was that the former protagonist before entering the reality show, had studied to be an Electrical Engineer. For that reason, he managed to start working in a United States company dedicated to the manufacture of drones and unmanned aircraft. His work in Los Angeles has been quite rewarding, that’s why he enjoys this city where he has a comfortable life and above all far from the television cameras.

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