J Balvin’s businesses that you did not know and that made him a millionaire

J Balvin Without a doubt, it not only shows that he has a talent for making his songs sound around the world, but also that he has other businesses that you did not know.

The Colombian singer was involved in various controversies, so much so that Resident even dedicated a song to him. However, beyond music, J Balvin showed that he has talent for other businesses that leave him with great profits but that very few knew about…

The other businesses of J Balvin of which very few know

J Balvin has taken advantage of his fame to give strength to the brands with which he works, which is why various prestigious fashion firms have sought him out to campaign around the world where the collections that arise from these collaborations become very successful.

It is estimated that J Balvin has a fortune of 20 million dollars that will continue to grow, since at 36 years old he has already worked with brands such as Nike, Bathing Ape, GUESS and also investments in real estate. In addition, he is preparing for his recent collaboration with Buchanans Masters, which would be a new business foray for the singer.

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