It came out double for Melina Ramírez! Do they really look alike?

She is Alexa Dellanos, the daughter of the famous journalist Myrka Dellanos, who is considered the double of Melina Ramírez. according to netizens.

The Colombian model and presenter can be on the list of celebrities with doubles more famous than them, Well, Alexa Dellanos, a famous American model of Latin descent, was recently compared to Melina.

Melina Ramírez got a clone! Identical?

In networks, images of the model Alexa Dellanos have been viralized in which she is compared to the Colombian presenter. Netizens claim that she is the exact double of Melina Ramírez.

According to Internet users, the characteristics that most resemble Dellanos with Ramírez are their long and abundant blonde hair color, her thick lips and finally, the angular features of their faces.

However, there are those who point out that there is no resemblance between the two, since Alexa has voluminous implants in her buttocks and chest, while Melina looks much more delicate, natural and slender.

It should be noted that the attractive model did not rise to fame on the impulse of her mother; Well, on her Instagram account, Alexa Dellanos has around 1.7mm followerswho do not stop filling her with compliments for her stunning figure.

Although, we have been told all our lives that there is a perfect double of us somewhere in the world, whether it is very close or very far away.

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