Isabella responded to those who criticize her for copying from Sara

Isabella Santo Domingo is criticized in MasterChef for the comments she has made about some of her colleagues, but she responded.

1 month ago among the actresses a certain tension during an elimination challenge. The participants had to cook with chicken, but Isabella did not like that Sara will use her notebook to meet the challenge. Sebastian was also upset about that, but the one they criticized was the actress. At that time Sara did not hear what the barranquillera said, but in a story she wrote: “a heart full of love to give. Even for those who criticize me“.

Later in a field challenge Isabella had some differences with Andrea Tobar at the time of plating. For that episode, many viewers asked that the Barranquillera be removed.

On Sunday’s episode, the contestants were in creative challenge. The winner was Isabella Santo Domingo and she decided to share her recipe with her followers, however some did not like that use the notebook while cooking after he criticized Sarabut she was not silent and responded to those who criticize her.

But one answer was the most surprising because he confessed that they had no empathyalthough he did not go into details. His followers were on his side and he wrote to him that at most people have that happen to them.

However, there are other people who still want me to Isabella Santo Domingo leaves the program.

Is It is not the first time that Isabella defends herself against criticism. In previous publications he has also done it. Here we leave you some:

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