Is Vicente Fernández’s mustache still sexy, today’s birthday?

Today is the birthday of Vicente Fernández, well known for his masculine mustache; That’s why we ask you, is the mustache still sexy?

Impossible to think of Vicente Fernandez, today’s birthday, and not imagine a thick, dark mustache on his upper lip. And it is that although today he has gone out of style, the mustache had its time of fury, when at the sound of its slight movement women of all ages melted.

Our generation still doesn’t fully understand what is the charm that the mustache, a la Vicente Fernández, had for our aunts, mothers and grandmothers. When you ask them, they will most likely give each other knowing glances and give you evasive answers, such as «don’t you know what the mustache is for?»

The truth is that no, we don’t know, although on second thought (or rather, badly), we can imagine a few non-hygienic uses… Perhaps that is what makes mustache is still sexy for some of us.

But Vicente is not the only mustachioed heartthrob; let’s remember Tom Sellek (star of Magnum), Pierce Brosnan (Remington Steele), sportscaster Javier Hernandez Bonett and even one another Radial speaker. Take a look at some leading men with and without a mustache and tell us what you think they look like…

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