Is this the ugliest cat in the world? Poor!

We present to you the ugliest cat in the world. His name is Wilfred, he lives in England, and he breaks it on social media! Meet him here…

Meet the ugliest cat in the world

Cats are a recurring theme on the Internet, since they are cute, delicate and defenseless, even we at Vibra have a special program on Pía Podcas dedicated to them. It is that mixing cats and networks is a sure success.

But not all famous cats on social networks inspire tenderness. This is the case of Wilfred, an English cat who is so ugly, so ugly, but so ugly, that he became famous for his physical appearance.

this kitty went viral thanks to a video from Instagram that had almost 35 thousand likes; In the clip he is seen in a patio and his eyes are terrifying, because he looks like a zombie.

“Many people do not believe that he is real, but it is not a hoax, he really is like that. I have even been asked if he has any problems, but there is nothing wrong with him and he does not experience any difficulty breathing. He has had several regular vet check-ups and is in good health. He is a very happy and healthy cat, ”his owner told international media.

The little animal is so ugly that even was compared to actor Steve Buscemi

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