Is there an age for love?

The phrase that says «There is not age for love» It is widely used all over the world. There are plenty of cases of people who join despite taking many years. But this one is special because it involves a 9-year-old boy and a 62-year-old woman. More than half a century of difference is a fact that cannot be ignored. And the controversy settled in South Africa.

Beyond the fact itself, there is another strange fact. It is the second time that this young man has married this same woman. It’s very probable that Saneie Putty then be the youngest person in the world to reaffirm your vows. The ceremony that featured 100 guests and allowed to ratify the affection of Putty by Helen Shabanguwho is the mother of 5 children, from among 28 Y 38 years.

“When I am older I am going to marry a woman my age. I chose Helen because I love her, even though we don’t live next to her or I don’t see her all the time, we meet regularly at the place where she works”, said the minor, who lives in the town of Ximhungwe, in the South African province of Mpumalanga.

For her part, Helen Shabangu stated that at home she has had no problems with this relationship: “My children and I are happy because we have no problem with this marriage. I do not care what anyone else says», stressed.

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The controversy arose because this union was not to the liking of all the residents of the area, since many described this marriage as «sickly». However, the couple continues to turn a deaf ear and said that this week they will hold the second ceremony to make their marriage official, in order to follow the South African tradition.

The British site Daily Mirror published that the couple said yes to obey the wishes of the ancestral spirits of Saneie’s family before the attentive gaze of the bride’s children and the faces of some of the witnesses, who branded the ritual as «nasty».

Source: Derf