Is the Harzer Fuchs aggressive or dangerous? (Counselor)

Have you ever heard of the Harzer Fuchs dog breed? Then you know that this fur nose is a herding dog.

And a high protective instinct should also lead to undesirable behavior in such dog breeds.

Is the Harzer fox even aggressive and dangerous? Find out in the guide below.

Are Harz foxes aggressive or dangerous by nature?

The answer to the question of whether Harz foxes are aggressive or dangerous by nature, it’s a resounding «Yes!»

Because it may well be that some character traits of the Harzer Fuchs can promote aggressive or dangerous behavior.

The Harzer Fuchs is considered a very courageous and brave dog that brings a high degree of loyalty.

Together with the protective instinct typical of herding dogs, this means that a Harzer fox will often step into the breach for his/her human.

If he is not brought up properly here, this can be expressed in an aggressive appearance. That is why a species-appropriate upbringing of the Harzer Fuchs is so extremely important.

This is also because the breed has a particularly strong hunting instinct, which can only be steered in the right direction in the course of training.

As you can see, the Harzer fox has genetic predispositions that can encourage aggression.

But as a rule, these traits only emerge when socialization and upbringing have been neglected or not consistently pursued.

Hence the “yes” when asked whether a Harzer fox can be aggressive and/or dangerous by nature.

Are Harz foxes more dangerous than other dog breeds?

Due to some characteristics, herding dogs are considered more demanding than other dog breeds, but not necessarily more dangerous.

What can set them apart from some dog breeds is their hunting instinct. Not all dogs have this.

If you compare the Harzer Fuchs with a Golden Retriever or a Pomeranian from this point of view, it can definitely be more aggressive and dangerous.

How can I ensure that my Harzer Fuchs does not become aggressive or dangerous?

So that your Harzer Fuchs is not or becomes aggressive and dangerous, 4 factors play the decisive role:

  • socialization
  • workload
  • Upbringing
  • attitude

Either building on one another or even linked together, these things largely determine how your Harzer Fuchs behaves in his dog’s life.


A dog’s socialization begins in the first few days after birth. The first “reference person” is his mother.

But his siblings also have an influence on how the little Harzer fox is socialized.

In the first few weeks, new impressions are collected, the first fights take place and toys also become part of the young dog’s life.

A responsible Harzer fox breeder also makes sure that the mini furry nose comes into contact with other people and maybe also animals.

If these things are given, the little brat quickly learns how to behave properly in their presence.

Aggression and danger should not emanate from the Harzer Fuchs.


Consistent and early training is also an absolute must for the Harzer Fuchs. He has to learn what the most important basic commands mean.

He must also learn to follow these basic commands on demand or with a gesture from one second to the next.

It is important that the upbringing takes place lovingly and with patience despite all the consequences.

Unnecessary strictness and harshness, on the other hand, will lead to the opposite: An insecure Harzer Fuchs, who – as a result – can very well appear aggressively.


In addition to socialization and training, herding dogs need something else to lead a happy dog’s life: space – and plenty of it.

Not only your own four walls should offer enough space here. A fenced and spacious garden also contributes to the fact that a Harzer fox is a happy dog.

Because he needs a high degree of freewheeling, which in turn is supplemented by daily walks.


Which brings us to the capacity utilization of the Harzer Fuchs. Going for a walk and romping around are all well and good.

But here the working dog would also like variety and tasks so that it does not fall into a rut and quickly feel bored.

Already knew?

Boredom in dogs is a surefire way to encourage unwanted behavioral issues, and these often translate into aggressive behavior.

If your Harzer Fuchs gets along well with other dogs, you can do dog sports with him, for example.

Retrieving and nose work, among other things, are particularly perfect for this breed – optimal combinations of physical exertion and important mental work in the dog.

Are Harz Foxes safe for families with children or other pets?

We can only answer this question with a «Yes».

Harz foxes are only suitable to a limited extent family dogs and thus as dogs that should live with children.

As an independent and highly intelligent dog, the Harzer Fuchs would rather be given and carry out meaningful tasks than just being part of a family.

If you want to live with this breed as a family man, all family members should really adapt to the needs of this dog.

As for other pets, coexistence can work. But only if the hunting instinct is really under control.

Otherwise it can quickly happen that the cat already living in your house becomes an unwanted prey object – and that’s really not a good situation for anyone.

Do you already live with a Harzer Fuchs, maybe in a family? Then we would be happy if you share your story with us in our comments. 😊