Is the bikini dry or wet?

The photo of this beautiful and sensual woman has many in their heads, because her bikini has given her a bad time.

Magui Bravi is an Argentine model and actress and during the photographic production of the People Magazine one of his photos was misunderstood.

She uploaded a photo to her Instagram account in which she is kneeling and obviously with her body dry, however the bikini she is wearing has a stain there in its most intimate part giving the feeling of being damp or wet.

For many, she couldn’t stand it and peedfor others it is simply a design stain of bikini fabric.

And for you the bikini is dry or wet?

Is this bikini wet or dry? @EseTonito @maxmilfort @soydavidrc @karenvinasco

– Your heart Viiiiibra (@Vibra1049) February 9, 2016