Is the belly in men sexy?

The paunches are now turning sexy because of social networks…

At the beginning of the year a study came out that assured, with statistics and everything, that men with pot bellies are better powders. The experiment, carried out in Turkey by the University of Erciyes, concluded that a prominent belly helps the paunches last longer in each sexual encounter.

Well, it seems that some men took this study seriously and began to invade social networks, such as Instagram, sexy Photos in which they proudly display their voluminous bellies.

Just as women fight for more real women to be shown in the media, the trend called «dadbod» (daddy’s belly or beer belly) in the network, show men how they are. In Spanish they have been called “fofisanos”.

With the #dadbod, dozens of men share, without shame, selfie in which they show off their huge and hairy bellies. What do you think?

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