Is Passion of hawks back? Paola Rey returned to the Elizondo ranch

Many believed that there could be a second part of Passion of hawks then Paola Reyone of its protagonists, returned to the hacienda where the story unfolded.

The actress from Santander became known worldwide thanks to her role as Jimena Elizondo in the soap opera that broke ratings records both times it has been broadcast in the country by Caracol Television. Paola Rey has nostalgically remembered her performance in Pasión de gavilanes and has revealed unknown details of the recordings and has even continued to maintain friendship with her setmates.

The artist shares parts of her life with the nearly 2 million followers she has on Instagram. Although many of them have begun to create all kinds of conspiracies with a supposed return of the successful novel for a couple of Paola’s publications, the truth is that for now no actor in the cast has confirmed a reboot of recordings.

Will there be a second part of Passion for hawks? Paola Rey returned to the Elizondo ranch

Two posts by the actress raised suspicions about a possible second part of the novel. In the first, Paola Rey is seen several weeks ago hugging Natasha Klauss, while both wear the same clothes as her characters. The photo is accompanied by the phrase «This was a few months ago and just that day we recorded the choreography of #pasiondegavilanes, we did not imagine at that time that we would see it again at night.»

The second is very recent and is a short video in which Paola appears outside the Elizondo hacienda while posing and smiling for the camera. This post only has a message that says “How nice it was to return to this place, wonderful memories 🥰😍❤️”

Of course, many followers began to comment on the image with their requests for a new version of Pasión de gavilanes:

“Pasión de gavilanes 2 have to do!!!”

«Beautiful, how nice it would be to see you again, second season»

«Heyyyy how cute… you’re beautiful Pao. We want 2nd season”

“😮 When the second season??”

«We want the second season Paola, do they give us the pleasure?»

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