Is my ex’s friend off limits to me?

We have many reasons why my ex’s friend is a person I should never mess with, but… it has its perks.

When we end a very long relationship, we sometimes find ourselves in awkward but exciting situations, for example, some of their friends could start to see us with different eyes.

That is why you can be, suddenly, courted by guys you can’t even imagine; perhaps they had been waiting years for their opportunity to find you available.

Reasons why I shouldn’t mess with my ex’s friend

This is an ethical issue, because for many people doing something like this is high treason, both in the fraternal and in the loving code. Here we tell you some unpleasant things that can happen to you for doing it.

The friendship between them will be irreparably damaged

Just as messing with your friend’s ex ends your relationship with her, the same will happen between them, even if you keep everything hidden, because the mind knows what the body did, that cannot be hidden. The guilt will consume him.

May not be a trustworthy person

Think about it; you have an excuse, because you are devastated and easily fall into the arms of another just to raise your self-esteem, but him? He’s just a bad friend. If he betrayed him, he will betray you.

If they end up dating, it will be awkward

It’s one thing to have a crazy night out, but what if they fall in love? Things get complicated if suddenly the three meetyou will literally wish that the earth swallowed you.

Reasons why I should mess with my ex’s friend

It would be the worst revenge

An old saying goes «don’t get mad, get even». If your ex destroyed your life, messing with his best friend is the worst thing that could happen to him, so not everything is bad if you want to get rid of that thorn.

better known than to know

If you’re coming out of a painful relationship, the last thing you want is to go through meeting someone new and being another jerk. You already know this guy, so you can satisfy your natural needs with it without putting your heart at stake.

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