Is Maluma jealous because of Pipe Bueno and Luisa Fernanda?

Much has been said about the relationship between Pipe Bueno and Luisa Fernanda W, even the singer’s followers have come to involve Maluma.

On different occasions, several people had assured that Pipe Bueno and Maluma had a relationship that they did not want to make known. However, the popular music singer was responsible for denying the rumor several times, stating that they are friends for more than 11 years. The same thing happened with the reggaeton singer, who even at this time is the boyfriend of the model Natalia Barulich.

However, people continued to insist on the subject and that is why when there was talk of a possible relationship between Pipe and the influencer, Maluma’s name came to light again. Several people made comments like these:

Did you leave Maluma for that Luisa? instagram comment

And where is your relationship with Maluma, he’s not going to like this one bit. instagram comment

For that reason, Maluma wanted to spice up the subject a bit and wrote a message on Pipe’s networks that caused laughter, «Don’t do that to me #HP“. Immediately, the reactions of the followers of both were immediate and that is why these types of comments began to appear for the joke:

Don’t worry, when he gets tired of Luisa, he will be yours again. instagram comment

He changed you for the operated one, don’t worry, you’ll recover. instagram comment

Hahaha songs of spite are coming. instagram comment

What do you think of the joke Maluma made about Pipe Bueno and Luisa Fernanda W?

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