Is Justin Bieber hot or is he just an ugly grown up kid?

The singer Justien Bieber warmed up Instagram with a photo in which he came out holding his little friend with his hand… Sensual or ridiculous?

All the little girls in the world are swallowed up by this young man, who we have seen grow in front of our eyes through social networks. First, he was a tender boy who knew how to dance and sing, who was fortunate enough to be discovered by launching to post his videos on YouTube…

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Quickly became a teen idol and then in a youthful one, transforming from a talented boy to a young adult with the look of a rebel and an attitude of wanting to devour the world…




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From time to time, Justin has had a strong tendency to blush; maybe it’s because he’s been the face of the menswear brand Calvin Klein for two years in a row or because he’s going through a whirlwind of hormones or simply to get attention and gain fans, Bieber keeps sharing hot photos on their networks, like this…

The last one was a couple of days ago and it caused such a stir that there was even talk of censorship on Instagram. In the image Justin is seen in his underwear in front of the bathroom mirror, grabbing the pichirulo…

What do you think? Do you think Justin Bieber has become a churro or grew up and became ugly? Give your opinion in the comments of this note, and share it!