Is James Rodríguez preparing to be a father for the second time?

Since the rumor of a romance between Shannon de Lima and James Rodríguez began, the couple has stolen all the attention of the media.

However, in recent days, news about Shannon and James left more than one of their followers surprised. It turns out that the seer Beatriz Puerta was invited to the program I know everything to talk about the romantic relationships of some celebrities.

Within those options, there was the couple made up of the model, former Marc Anthony, and the footballer of the Colombian National Team. For this reason, the seer revealed quite compromising information, as she assured that it will be a lasting relationship that could even reach a commitment.

In addition, he also said that Shannon will have a hard time adapting to the changes in lifestyle but in the end she will succeed. Why? The seer mentioned that the two will prepare to be parents for the second time, because in the future a baby would come on the way.

Immediately, the couple’s followers did not stop making different comments on social networks, because while some support that they are parents again. On the contrary, others did not miss the opportunity to remember Daniela Ospina and talk about what Salomé, their daughter, may feel with a new little brother.

What do you think of what the seer said about the relationship between Shannon de Lima and James Rodríguez?

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