Is Ana Karina Soto pregnant? Why the girdle?

Is Ana Karina Soto pregnant or did she just wear a girdle to look thinner? That’s what they ask about this photo.

The Santander television presenter is already a mother of a little boy named Dante, of whom he constantly shares photos on his social networks.

Because of this girdle they say that Ana Karina Soto is pregnant

In the photo appearsto the presenter where you can see her girdle under her clothes. Look closely at the navel line, there would be the pins with which the garment is adjusted.

That is why some of his followers suspected that she could be pregnant and that she would be fajando so that her belly would not show. One of them dared to ask him.

As you can see, she assured, with great humor, that she was not expecting a baby at the moment. What do you think? Could it be that she is hiding it, as so many famous people do?

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