Intense kisses, learn to interpret them!

How rich are the kisses!, and more intense kisses, although they can be differentiated, did you know? We tell you what they mean according to their intensity.

The place where they kiss you, the way, the circumstances and even the duration. Kisses can speak for you and for your relationship, find out what they mean below:

What are intense kisses?

Take note of the main intense kisses that you can learn:

corner kiss

The corner kiss is usually between people who are not in a stable relationship but like each other, so if someone happens to kiss you like this several times during greetings, it is almost certain that they have hidden feelings for you.

beak kiss

The beak type kiss is given with the mouth closed and the lips pressed together. In very close people it is a sign of affection and trust, there are even parents and children who give each other affectionate peaks without any problem, since it does not have a sexual connotation.

Lip kiss, one of the rich kisses in the mouth

In this type of kiss the mouths are open and the lips caress each other. It is undoubtedly an intense and romantic kiss, which means a high degree of love between those who give it to each other, but it does not necessarily have to end in bed.

Licking, one of the kisses that men like the most

Also called a French kiss, the tongue kiss is passionate, an unequivocal sign that you want something more. It’s a kind of long kisses where the tongues play and intertwine in such a way that it is very difficult not to feel below what is happening above, so it is a clearly sexual kiss.

Mordelón, the king of intense kisses

There is a moment for strong kisses, and this is one of them. Here the teeth are involved, he is playful, and he shouts that you are willing to go further and try new things; it’s a sign that you’re ready to give in to unbridled passion, so don’t bite if you’re not ready for what comes next.

Tooth cleaner or throat picker

This is the exaggerated kiss, intense kisses and even slimy that can be unbearable. It is a sign that you have seen too many movies and you want to imitate the actors or you simply do not know how to kiss very well, because if you go too deep it can even cause your partner to gag.

What is the most tender kiss?

For many of our listeners the Eskimo kiss has been cataloged as the most tender, although even a simple “beak” accompanied by a romantic gesture can melt us with tenderness.

What is your favorite kind of kiss? Do you like intense kisses? Let us know in the comments.

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