Influencer is criticized for asking guests not to bring children to her wedding

Is about Rox Quintana, a Mexican influencerwho went viral for ensuring that on her wedding day she did not want children to attend.

The young woman, who is also an activist for the LGBT community, is currently organizing her marriage in the United States with her partner. For that reason, her followers are constantly asking her about all the wedding preparations.

Mexican influencer caused controversy by ensuring that she did not want children at her wedding

A few days ago, Rox surprised many of her fans with a sincere confession when she stated that she did not want children in her marriage. Through her social networks, the Mexican wrote They’re going to hate me but I don’t want children at my weddingwhich immediately aroused all kinds of comments from his followers.

Many were against what the influencer had written, as they assured that the children were also part of the families. However, things did not end there, because in the face of the negative comments that she received, she wrote again on her Twitter account. “What I said: I don’t want children at MY wedding. What the assholes understood: I hate all children and they should live in a cage and be mistreated «.

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