Influence of the Moon on the human body: Dolores

Many complain of bone pain and scarring during a full moon, why does this happen? This is the influence of the moon on the human body.

It is something that seems taken from fiction but the natural satellite of the Earth is one of the elements that offers the possibility of living. Among other things, there is a Lunar calendar to cut hair 2022 that has helped many to change their look looking for a little help to look great.

It is good that you learn that the meaning of the moon varies according to its phase and that it is very curious to understand that your human behaviors and even those of nature would change from one moment to another due to its effect.

Here we tell you the reasons why this satellite influences the beings of the whole earth:

Influence of the moon on humans

I didn’t think so. My mom has hip replacements and during the full moon she complained of severe pain. I learned to believe him the hard way. I broke my coccyx in an accident and ever since Every full moon begins my martyrdom: a constant, inexplicable pain that does not give in to painkillers. In fact, many doctors say that during the full Moon not only do pains get out of control, but also births, accidents, fights, etc.

I would be surprised if this huge satellite, even guilty of the tides, had no effect on our bodies and minds because it is even possible to access various rituals of the full, new and waning moon for love. I asked Professor Ricardo Villalobos, intrigued by the astrological explanation of this phenomenon.

Full moon and bone pain, according to Ricardo Villalobos

“When there is a full moon, the liquids -speaking of the sea- come together in such a way that the high tide is formed; and there are two great high tides in the month: the full moon and the new moon, and two moments in the day, when the moon passes through the local meridian, through the zenith or through the nadir. This leads to changes in our body, since we are 70% water.”

the teacher explained to me

Why do operations hurt on a full moon? this says science

Although there are several cases, these are the most consulted:

Why, when there is a full moon, do wounds ache and rheumatic pain flare up?

In a survey carried out by the rheumatologist José Francisco Díaz Coto at the Mexico hospital and in which 120 patients participated, it was shown that more than half of them assured that their ailments worsened on a full moon. It is believed to have to do with changing weather and atmospheric pressure.

Why do scars hurt on a full moon?

Although millions of people complain of these symptoms, a study conducted by the PAIN OUT Institute with 12,224 patient data found that lunar phases have no effect on post-surgical pain or its side effects.

However, there is no skepticism worth. I feel these changes in my own body every time the full moon rises. Have you felt any changes in your body due to astrological events like this? Tell us!

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