Inflammation of the womb dog: to put to sleep or not?

A uterine infection is a high-risk thing for a bitch, and it can even be life-threatening.

Treatment rarely avoids removal of the uterus.

This article explains what you need to know about treating pyometra and when you face the difficult decision of euthanizing your dog for uterine infections.

In a nutshell: Do I have to put my dog ​​to sleep if it has a uterine infection?

Usually, you don’t need to have your dog put to sleep because of uterine infection.

While it is a serious condition, it is highly treatable as long as it is caught early.

Unfortunately, it can also lead to blood poisoning and then be fatal.

What are the chances of surviving a uterine infection in dogs?

The Chances of survival in uterine inflammation in the dog, even with an emergency operation, they are relatively good. However, she will not recognized in time or done without treatmentit runs in most cases deadly.

If the inflammation of the uterus is recognized in time, in most cases it is operated on and the uterus is removed.

Inflammation of the uterus can develop into blood poisoning, especially if it is discovered and treated too late.

Then there is a risk of multiple organ failure, which at a certain point can no longer be stopped. If left untreated, this is also safe.

Fatally, the so-called closed uterine inflammation is often discovered so late that the bacterial infection has already spread to the bloodstream.

Another problem for older bitches is that the symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea can wreak havoc on their water and electrolyte balance.

Therapy and treatment options for uterine inflammation

A distinction is made between two forms of pyometra: The closed uterine inflammation and the open uterine inflammation.

The closed uterine inflammation shows clear symptoms late and is therefore often only treated when it is already in a critical stage.

Then you can usually no longer preserve the uterus. In an operation, the bitch is therefore castrated, i.e. the uterus is completely removed.

Some veterinarians try to use medication to open the uterus and let the pus drain out if the inflammation still allows it.

However, this method has so far had little success and should therefore be treated with caution.

The open uterine inflammation shows clearer symptoms than the closed one, which is why it is usually treated early enough.

Nevertheless, the uterus usually has to be completely removed in order to get the pus out of the body.

At a very early stage, however, it can be sufficient to use medication to keep the uterus open and fight the inflammation.

In either case, your dog will be given antibiotics for the inflammation and painkillers.

How high are the surgical costs for a uterine infection?

The Cost of uterine inflammation surgery are based on the fee schedule for veterinarians (GOT), but can vary greatly. You can with a cost of 600 to 1500 euros calculate.

one in medication costs between 200 and 600 euros.

In addition, there are the costs for preventive and aftercare, medication, anesthesia, inpatient admission, etc.

If it is an emergency operation, an emergency surcharge is usually added to the fees.

Can a uterine infection in dogs be treated without surgery?

The treatment of an open uterine infection that is detected very early on in a young, otherwise healthy bitch can, under certain circumstances, also be carried out without an operation.

However, this entails some risks, because during drug treatment, the uterus must be kept open so that the pus can drain out.

However, this increases the risk of another or renewed bacterial infection of the uterus, against which, in the worst case, the antibiotic administered is not effective.

In addition, the inflammation of the uterus is associated with pain and is still uncomfortable for the bitch even with painkillers.

In the case of advanced inflammation, on the other hand, surgical intervention is unavoidable.

How can I help my dog ​​with uterine inflammation myself?

You can never successfully treat a uterine infection yourself. This requires antibiotics and close monitoring of blood values ​​to detect blood poisoning as quickly as possible.

The treatment must therefore always be carried out by your veterinarian.

However, you can help your dog by relieving the symptoms.

home remedies

With anti-inflammatory tea you can support your dog in two ways.

The ingredients work with the antibiotics to fight inflammation, and the liquid supports your dog’s water and electrolyte balance.

Loose tea made from chamomile, fennel or sage is suitable.


Tea blends for humans often contain substances that dogs cannot tolerate.

Make sure that the tea only contains the desired herbs. It is best to buy it from a pet shop or a specialized tea shop.

What experiences have other dog owners had with uterine inflammation?

“Our Leila suddenly fell ill with an inflammation of the uterus when she was five years old. We couldn’t place it at first and thought she had a torsion in the stomach.

The vet took away our panic. Fortunately, the inflammation was still treatable, even if it took longer than we thought.

Now Leila is neutered, but she’s doing better too.»

“Sammy was only three when her uterus became infected. The shelter had saved her from a breeder and she had been through so much.

Unfortunately, any help came too late. Her health was already so bad that the inflammation quickly turned into blood poisoning and we had to put her to sleep.

She had been through so much at a young age it was terrifying to watch.”


Any unneutered bitch can suffer from uterine inflammation, but fortunately it is not a common disease and can be easily treated with antibiotics.

It becomes dangerous if it is recognized too late. Then blood poisoning and organ failure can follow and sometimes the only option is to put the dog to sleep.

What are your experiences with uterine infections? Was your bitch treated in time? Tell us in the comments how she and you are doing with it today.