Infidelity according to zodiac sign (from lowest to highest)

We show you, from lowest to highest, the degree of infidelity of each of the signs of the Zodiac, take note!

The position of the stars that were in the sky at the time you were born, not only governs your destiny, but also some traits of your personality, such as the fidelity or your inclination to get horny, Did you know? Astrology experts shared their knowledge about it on the portal awareness actand here they are for you!

The zodiac signs with the least degree of infidelity…

Gemini: Contrary to their double nature, those born under this sign are not unfaithful at all, their degree of infidelity is zero; It is one of those who prefer to finish when they feel that another person is moving the needle.

Leo: Everyone believes that Leo is selfish and that is why he thinks of himself when it comes to putting on the horns; the truth is that he is not unfaithful simply because he is not willing to do to another person what he would not like to be done to him.

Cancer: They are generally very faithful, however they may eventually fall into the clutches of infidelity when they feel that they have really fallen in love with another person. Your hunks will end up in a new relationship.

Pound: He’s a sad liar, so he can fuck just for the pleasure of satisfying his mythomaniac instinct, but not because he really likes that other person.

Aries: An Aries is so busy and full of tasks that he will not have the head to put horns, in addition, the little free time he has he spends with you. In that order of ideas, it would be very easy to catch it.

Scorpion: If the relationship is fine, there is no need to worry, he will not cheat on you; but if he feels unloved, he will run to other arms!

Of the 6 missing signs of the Zodiac, which ones can’t help but put the horns? Find out by clicking on the NEXT PAGE.